Who we are

Trainerpd.com has been established to provide opportunities for trainers to meet their professional development and industry currency requirements under the standards for RTOs (2015).

The Standards for RTOs (2015) defines Professional Development (PD) as:

Activities that develop and/or maintain an individual’s skills, knowledge, expertise and other characteristics as a trainer or assessor. This includes both formal and informal activities that encompass vocational competencies, currency of industry skills and knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment, including competency based training and assessment. Examples of professional development activities include:

  • Participation in courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, or formal learning programs
  • Participation in mentoring, professional associations or other learning networks
  • Personal development through individual research or reading of publications or other relevant information
  • Participation in moderation or validation activities
  • Participation in industry release schemes

What we do

We are in the process of setting up PD sessions for trainers to update industry currency in BSB training packages using meetup groups to make industry contacts, mapping content to unit fields. The program is being set up in Brisbane, and will broadcast webinars for other that can't attend.

We are also setting up another group using industry consultation to uppdate skills as a industry trainer or assessor (working towards the new Cert IV TAE16), and will move into other training packages after that ; so watch this space.

PD sessions will be organised in skill sets linked to job roles, and current industry experts will cover performance evidence activities for specific units across multiple fields to take the guess work out of which session to attend.

We are currently looking for experts to be guest presenters in the fields of HR, ICT, Marketing and communications, Business innovation and operations, and other business related fields.

If you know of (or are) a consultant or expert in a specific field that wants to promote the products and services they offer, we can match them to development sessions. Check out our trainer courses page for more information, or email brett@trainerpd.com