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They contain interviews with industry experts in fields relating to skills sets, plus links and other information for further development opportunities that can be undertaken. You can also ask our experts questions, and contribute to the discussions on the topic related to each skill set on our Facebook page.

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Assessors wishing to undertake Professional Development to deliver  the units for an RTO can get more information by clicking on the “trainer courses” link.

Session Programs

Back to Work Program

From 1 July 2017, the Queensland Government’s Back to Work South East Queensland program will provide support for employers who hire a long term unemployed or young unemployed jobseeker in the South East Queensland region. Click here for more details

Business Start-up

The first sessions are based around skills required for business start-up, so it is suggested that you complete them in order to build the skills and knowledge in each area before moving onto the next.

Completion of skill sets 1 to 3 is equivalent to BSB50215 – Diploma of Business and has be developed as a business start-up program.

1. E-Commerce skills

Got something to sell? This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge to develop an on-line business, or to incorporate on-line options into current business operations.

2. Project Viability 

Think you have a good idea? How do you know it is commercially viable? Ready to pitch your idea to investors? This skills set shows you how to analyse options taking into account project variables, including financial risk, and what investors are looking for.

3. Building Business Connections

Know your stuff but can’t seem to get other on board? Wondering how introverts can do networking. Don’t know how to present yourself like other professionals do? This skill set shows you how to effectively create opportunities for professional development, and use business networks to promote products and services.

Additional completion of skill sets 4 and 5 are equivalent to BSB51915 – Diploma of Leadership and Management as part of a dual diploma.

4. Project Manager Interpersonal Skills

Ever wondered how people with limited technical skills get jobs as project managers? It’s not about how good you are with your hands, and it’s not about you. It’s about how well you work with others. This skill set shows you how to effectively use interpersonal skills to improve team performance.

5. Time Management Skills

Want to get stuff done? This skill set gives you effective time management techniques, including delegating and communicating tasks as part of project management processes.

Short Courses

Parents Returning to Work

Are you a Mum or Dad looking at getting back into the workforce?
Are you concerned about having ‘lost your place’?
Feeling like you don’t have current / relevant experience or skills?
Wondering what employers are looking for …. and if you have it?
Lacking confidence in your own abilities?
What you may not realise is you may already have a competitive advantage!

This course is specifically designed to show how the skills you have learned as a parent are relevant to the skills that many employers look for both in their team members and managers. You can gain the confidence back in your abilities as you see that you are practicing many skills relevant to the workforce on a daily basis.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Once you have completed the Diploma of Business (start-up), you might want to start another business, but what to do? Rather than having a product to sell, maybe you can solve problems. That’s what Entrepreneurs do, so this skills session could help

Department Manager Skills

Want to move up in your organisation, or maybe you feel you have to? Running just one project at a time not much of a challenge for you? Wonder what department managers actually do? Well, this skill set may give you a clue.

Essential Work Health and Safety

Are you looking for a better understanding of Work Health and Safety (WHS)? This cluster matches WHS requirements to Project Management processes so you can identify, analyze, implement, monitor and review WHS practices in each phase of a project.

Getting The Work Done

There are around 170 ways to “get the work done” that students need to demonstrate in all the units listed in the diploma of business course alone. Many of them use the same tools and techniques, but how do you know which theory should be applied in which tasks in a business?

The course shows you how to apply the theory in a work place needed to implement the Core Skills for Work framework foundation skills used in all training packages.