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Our program allows you pick the training you want from one of our prefered training suppliers who can tell you what qualification their training works towards. $1000 per qualification – 10% deposit to start process and download the Core Skills for Work checklist to see where your strengths are, plus your free eBook on Business Innovation.

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Qualification Skills Recognition Program

Workshops and industry courses done by Business Owners and Entrepreneurs usually cover the requirements from qualifications.

However, with over 600 units in the Business Services Training package alone, it is no surprise that the industry experts/consultants you want to get training from don’t tell you what qualification clients are working towards. They are experts in how to do what they do better, not experts in the training system.

Many trainer working Registered Training Organisation (RTO) know what you have to do (the tasks), but don’t have industry know how or don’t know how to use the latest technology to do the training.  So they can’t sign off on your qualification, but you are effectively training them, but paying the RTO for that.

Or, they just “tick and flick” you through giving you are worthless piece of paper that employers don’t trust.

What’s worse than this? Getting charged to do the same training you just did and learning older practices to get a qualification, but this is what happens.

There is a solution.

you need someone with expertise in both training systems.

That is what we do!

We find industry experts for RTO to talk to so they can improve the quality of the training they provide for specific unit in a qualification, but the RTO does not have to be the one to do your training, so the process works both ways.

Our program allows you pick the training you want from one of our prefered training suppliers, who can tell you what qualification their training works towards.

Get the training YOU want, from who YOU want, then decide if YOU want the qualification. It’s all about YOU

After completing workshops (see preferred supplier list below), and implementing the new skills into a business, we submit the evidence of your work to an RTO with trainers we know are qualified to assess your skills to issue the qualification.

Here is an example of what you can learn in a workshop that we have already mapped as working towards a qualification: Small Business and Start-up Skill Sets

After successful completion of workshops from training providers on the TrainerPD prefered supplier list, and using the new skills in a real world business, evidence can be submitted to submit to an RTO with BSB50215 – Diploma of Business on scope to get formal skills recognition.

The evidence can be supplied to any RTO that has trainers qualified to validate the evidence you supply, however qualification for this program are only issued by RTOs on the preferred supplier list.

As part of this RPL process, we put together a professional development plan with you recommending more advanced workshops to help you scale up and grow your business, so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need.

Call us on 0423 933 504 for a free consultation

When are ready to go, put down a 10% deposit of $100 today to start the process, and only pay the rest ($900) when you get the qualification issued.

Please be aware that if you have not received training from one of our preferred suppliers, we don’t know the quality of other people training, and can’t guarantee you will be able to provide enough evidence for a qualification to be issued.

We can add others to our preferred supplier list if you find a great workshop, but we only deal with people we know like and trust before we recommend anyone, so we have to check them out for you before adding them to our list.

Preferred supplier list:

Marketing Workshops:

Marketing Leap  –  Branding and Messaging; WordPress Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Management, Online Marketing.

Small Business Assistance:

Oz VA network – Australian based Virtual Assistants (VAs) to help grow small business. Specialising in Facebook and online content marketing, maintaining websites and blogs, repurposing and posting videos and leveraging content.

Holistic Business Coach:

Nicole Van Hattem  – host of ‘Hot and Healthy’ podcast, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and sought after international wellness speaker.

Issuing Qualifications

This will depend on the training above you do. In the initial consultation we can give you a list of RTO who could issue the qualification, but there is no guarantee other RTOs will issue the same units or have people Qualified to assess the RPL evidence.

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