Meetup Groups

For those of you that have not discovered Meetup Groups yet, they are a great way of connecting with people in your local area on all topics. Meetings a often free, or a small charge to cover costs, and are run by organisers who have a passion a skills a particular field.

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They are not like your normal “networking” events, and are more about building relationships with people that have similar interests. Some are more related to businesses than others, however even in these groups the “hard sells” are frowned upon by members. They are a fantastic way to share knowledge and make connections, that can lead to referrals, but this should not expected and usually comes when members know, like, and trust people. It is more about giving to others.

There are so many to choose from that we have started our own groups to save your some time in finding one that is right for you. ¬†Just don’t go along expecting you will need to tell people what to do. Many highly skilled successful Entrepreneurs attend meetups for the social interaction, and you will often be surprised when you find out what some of the members do.

We are working with organisers to recommend groups that business trainer, coaches and mentors are welcome to attend to learn innovative practices from industry experts. Although many group are happy to promote what their members do, please respect that this is not the case with all meetup groups.

Create a profile on the meetup website, and here are some suggestions to get you started:

Skills as a trainer

This group is not just for trainers working for RTOs.

Sure, Trainers and Assessors, and teachers, working for schools and RTOs are required to do PD, but all providers of professional and personal development services have to keep up with current training industry practices.

This group helps anyone looking to improve the quality of their development outcomes: Brisbane Trainer Professional Development

Entrepreneurial Skills

We are the entrepreneurs and business people that know that connecting up with each other is the fastest way forward.

Join us to learn various skills from the best in the business, network with people who know the power of real connection and develop opportunities for collaboration.

It’s often said “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” – well, imagine a group that offers you both – and HOW to do it: Connecting Brisbane’s Entrepreneurs

Check out the fundraising event organised by this meetup group!!!

Karaoke Fundraiser