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Thinking of getting back into the workforce? Want to work from home?

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Recent research shows that one million Australian women would like to be in paid work from home!

so that’s a lot of competition out there, especially for:

  • the part-time jobs that fit well with having kids at school
  • you might be worried that you don’t have current skills or experience
  • or have no formal recognition of your qualifications and skills
  • with technology advancing so quickly, do you have the tech-savvy (eg cloud computing and social media marketing) that will make you highly employable?
  • if you are currently receiving Parenting Payments, you may be required to look for suitable paid part-time work.

Wouldn’t you love the competence and confidence to apply for the job YOU want? where you want?  Working from home?

Sound too good to be true? It gets better!!!!!

Employer Support and Youth Boost Payments will be available for employers who hire an eligible jobseeker between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018

  • Payments are made directly to the eligible employer in three parts:
    Initial payment of $4,500 to $6000 after four weeks of continuous
    employment and approval of initial payment application
  • Second payment of $5,250 to $7000 after 26 weeks of continuous employment and approval of second payment application
  • Final payment of $5,250 to $7000 after 52 weeks of continuous employment and approval of the final payment application.

Eligible part-time jobs attract 75 per cent of the full support payment.

Here is an example of what you can learn on our return to work course with little IT skills, working from home!!!!

In this Returning to Work Training Program you will gain the confidence to  apply for jobs by learning:

  1. Microsoft office programs, such as MS word for resume writing skills, and MS Outlook for email communication and to time management
  2. Using internet based “cloud” software and data storage, including Xero accounting software for data entry and producing reports
  3. Facebook advertising: writing ads, sales lead generation, appointment setting to warm leads,  and “boosting posts” to specific audiences, and how you can make sales on Instagram
  4. Other Software to automate key business functions to save time and money, including setting up Click Funnels
  5. Support services available to improve skills, and networking to make business connections

Course program:

  • 4 week course
  • 1 face-to-face workshop per week, plus online support (computer and email access required)
  • Pre-reading and reference guides to keep from the course
  • Access to closed discussion group exclusive to past and present
    course attendees as part of ongoing support and advice
  • Minimum of 6 people to run a course in one location (for face-to-face workshop)

To register your expression of interest (or just ask any further questions) – please contact, or come to an info session through our Meetup group.

To sum it up

  • Learn to use new technology and skills that are in high demand by employers
  • Train for job roles used by most companies including Personal Assistant, Accounts Clerk, Social Media Marketer
  • Train for positions that are conducive to contract and flexible work arrangements, including working from home as a virtual assistant
  • Become more valuable to any size business by saving them time and money so you are retained after incentive periods (eg internship)
  • Training used for Formal skills recognition working towards a qualification and has been mapped to Certificate III in Business, plus further “Foundation Skills” recognition in the 10 “Core Skills for Work” areas to be used in any AQF training package.
  • May lead to internship/traineeship in small business, marketing, or professions were qualifications are required, such as Cert IV Bookkeeping

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